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<a href="">Taipei Tech Leads the World in Laser Wireless Transmission Technology </a>

<a href="">Lu, Hai-Han</a>, professor of<a href=""> Electro-Optical Engineering and his research </a>team at <a href="">Taipei Tec</a>h (<a href="">National Taipei University of Technology</a>), spent 2 years developing an <a href="">ultra-high speed visible light wireless network </a>that is 1000 times faster than 4G. With ultra-high speed visible<a href=""> light wireless network</a>, <a href="">downloading a full length</a> film will take less than a second.

There are two<a href=""> highlights of the ultra-high</a> speed visible <a href="">wireless network:</a> transmission rate is 10Gbps and<a href=""> transmission distance</a> is as far as 17.5 meters. <a href="">Taiwan</a> will be the<a href=""> first country to propose ultra-high</a> s<a href="">peed red light communication</a>. The<a href=""> technology is expected</a> to inspire infinite<a href=""> entrepreneurial opportunities</a>.